Analytics and Data Management solution

A modern, intelligent web-based application that helps you manage large amount of data.

Stop Guessing, Start Knowing

Better awareness
Identifying your duplicated and unused files, along with data changes, across complex storage environment.
A web-based view that gives you an insight into your data storage volumes.
Project Based
You can have a project-wide view of all the files related to one project that may be scattered across multiple storages.
What is DataIntell?
DataIntell is an analytic tool that helps identify old and unused files and gives better insights into data changes, file duplication and used space overtime. It is designed to help deal with managing large amount of data growth and provide detailed storage analytics. DataIntell is a project-based application that can help you cost a project based on the all files stored in different directories in your infrastructure.

Why would you need DataIntell?

  • Are you always looking for free space?
  • Do you know the total space used in each project?
  • Do you waste time finding duplicate files or searching unused data and figuring out what to delete and what to archive?

Then you need one solution to save your time, optimize your storage limit and gives you a vision to control the cost of storage infrastructure.

Be sure the right data is in the right place

With DataIntell's File management, it is all about being able to easily navigate and discover the files resided on all your storages in your infrastructure. The discovery view is not only an intuitive user experience, it also intelligently gives you a vision of metadata.

Be more efficient

With DataIntell's high speed search engine, you can find quickly any file you are looking for across all storages and you will be able to filter and sort them based on the intelligent insights and metadata that you get.

Managing project information is easier when it is visual

When you have vast quantities of files through different projects, organizing the data will become  unmanageable, inefficient and time consuming. With DataIntell's project you can:

  • Visualize each project allocated space.
  • Accurately account for and cost, all data associated with any given project.
  • Make decision effectively based on Metadata and Information.
Agnostic of the infrastructure
Any kind of storage, SAN, NAS, DAS…. can be connected and will be visible
Works on any device
Responsive web design works seamlessly on your phone, tablet and computer
Interactivity between modules
Dynamic dashboards and charts will lead you directly to more details on your storages and projects.
Ease of use
Friendly interface for maximum productivity

Get a snapshot with insights about all your storages on a specific date.

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